She was married to Derek Shepherd until his death; they have two daughters, Zola and Ellis, and a son, Bailey. When she finds out that the chief is stepping down and wants her to do things for herself because she may be chief someday, she gets the attendings to sign off on her project. He was in it. When he gets a tremor in his hand, she takes over. In the bathtub with Derek, Meredith decides that she is going to be bright and shiny instead of dark and twisty, but by the end of the day she decides she's not cut out for bright and shiny. Throughout the shows 17 seasons, Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo) has recited some powerful, emotional speeches. But I dont want to. Do Mer and Derek get divorced? Alex talks Erica Hahn into going to Seattle Grace to put the heart in Denny. Most notably, Meredith refused Derek's kindness when she was struggling after her Mother's harsh words in "Wishin' and Hopin'," and in the narrative arc following, even when she was so obviously suffering. George gets jealous. Meredith goes to the home and finds that her mother is lucid. Okay?" . Cristina faints during surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy. She avoids him and Izzie tries to help. Izzie is alone now that Alex cheated on her, and mad at Meredith for talking to Alex. A.B. All day she tells the attending of orders from The Nazi and the attending keeps looking for him. His sister called him the Great God of Neurosurgery sarcastically, but there's no need for that sarcasm Derekwasan OR god. Derek finds her and she says she doesn't want her mother to die alone and then lies her head on his shoulder. Now she is glued back together and he can't call her a whore. But they only had blue Post-It notes on hand. But, when he realized his mistake, he finally seemed to be back in McDreamy mode when he told Meredith, "I thought that D.C. was everything, and I was wrong. Having a crush is one thing, but being totally obsessed with someone is something completely different. Then, he goes home to Addison and accepts his part in their relationship problems, and apologizes.Bailey brings her baby to work and when a surgery comes in she tasks Cristina with taking care of the baby.Alex tells Denny that he and Izzie are together, and Izzie stops talking to Alex. The show doesn't address it directly but they show it to us over and over. Her name is Molly and she tells Meredith that she has a sister named Lexi. Meredith does a bone graft on Jane Doe with Mark. 2x01 "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" (OAD 9/25/05), 2x03 "Make Me Lose Control" (OAD 10/9/05), 2x06 "Into You Like a Train" (OAD 10/30/05), 2x07 "Something to Talk About" (OAD 11/6/05), 2x09 "Thanks for the Memories" (OAD 11/20/05), 2x11 "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (OAD 12/4/05), 2x12 "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" (12/11/05), 2x14 "Tell Me Sweet Little Lies" (OAD 1/22/06), 2x16 "It's the End of the World" (OAD 2/5/06), American Broadcasting Companies, Inc./Bob D'Amico, 2x19 "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" Sure, they were split, but it seemed like Meredith was taken back by this news. Meredith wants romance, not fighting. Meredith and Derek finally get engaged on "Grey's Anatomy." It's finally done. Meredith asks Derek to pick her and confesses her love for him. Callie begs Izzie to help her when George deals with his father's death by having lots of sex with Callie. On the surface, some people are impressed, but a deep dive will reveal some huge flaws. She says that she'd met him and he was perfect and then he chose Addison and broke her. When Meredith wants Derek to choose her over his wife, she delivers a powerful, emotional speech that has stood out as one of the most memorable quotes from the entire show. Once Denny's father is satisfied that Izzie wasn't with Denny for his money, he gives her an envelope. He takes it to Webber and scrubs in on the surgery without telling Cristina. I would give anything not to be looking at you, he said at one point, reflecting their mutual understanding that they arent good for each other but cant help their attraction. Meredith wants to continue with Derek after Addison gives him divorce papers. You have to sleep with me from now on. Derek simply replied, OK.. However, whenever Meredith wants to advance her career, Derek is less than supportive. Addison sees Alex in a different light and tells him he's an OK guy. A.B. Webber resigns and goes home to Adele, but she tells him that he's too late. She wants a prom. She brings home chicken for him to stitch so that he can keep his dexterity. George and Izzie keep running into cases of infidelity, and Callie talks to Izzie, saying that she can't compete with Izzie's friendship and to stay away from George. Burke tells his mother that Cristina isn't cold. She never ceases to amaze fans with her wisdom. However, the nurses want him to sneak in to check on their patients.Izzie tells a teenager about her own baby, a daughter she gave up at the age of 16.Meredith sees Webber talking to Ellis and patting her hand.Meredith is tasked with removing the tube keeping a woman alive while the woman's daughter and friends stand around her. She searches through the hospital to find the right one, but can't find it. Callie helps George through it. Meredith complains about Derek. Susan brings groceries and wants to have a relationship with Meredith, and Meredith finally agrees. In season 3 Meredith is suicidal. is a fictional and titular character from the medical drama television series Grey's Anatomy, which airs on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in the United States.The character was created by series producer Shonda Rhimes, and is portrayed by actress Ellen Pompeo.She made her first appearance in the pilot episode, "A Hard Day's Night", which was broadcast on . It's Derek with Doc. And, to top it off, he asked her to take her time making her choice between him and Finnbecause, "When I had a choice to make, I chose wrong." Meredith has her hand on live ammunition inside a body cavity. Derek and his sisters attended a French . (OAD 2/26/06), 2x20 "Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole" (OAD 3/12/06). After an entire season of trying to make things work with Addison, Derek finally gave in to his unrelenting feelings for Meredith. I fell in love with her. But, his willingness to be there for her showed his compassionate side, and, even better, his plan worked: Cristina finished the day with a big fish in her hands and tears streaming down her face. People fight and then someone apologizes. She explained that if she went to D.C. she and Derek would have fought -- or at least talked about arguing. He walks over and shuts the door. As ABC teases what her fate will be, here are the essential Meredith and Derek episodes to. Meredith and Derek gave up their beautifully planned wedding so Izzie and Alex could take their slot instead. The elevator opened, and there Derek stood clad in a suit, smiling, surrounded by brain scans. Addison sleeps with Alex, and Mark finds out. But even amid all the wackiness, some moments spoke to MerDers inevitability. I cant live without you. This season was all about Meredith learning who she is apart from Derek (pretty great, to be honest), so her response didnt exactly match his feelings. when he should have been more understanding as to what she was going through. Can you be stronger? Fishing solves everything or at least that's what Derek was thinking when he took Cristina, who left work after the hospital shooting, out on the boat in an attempt to help her out. Bailey wants to know why Cristina erased her name from Burke's surgery and doesn't let her into surgery because Cristina won't say. Alex asks Izzie to open his exam report and she does and then tells him passed. She says she won't hate him anymore and kisses him. Cristina is intimidated by Burke's overbearing mother. Once he got her to an ambulance, he immediately started frantically performing CPR. One introduces herself as Lexie Grey. Thats why its so important for us to remind ourselves, for us to remember, just because we can live without something, it doesnt mean we have to.. During the shows first season, Meredith and several of her friends were medical residents. Adele leaves Richard because he won't retire. Burke is going to operate, but George still suspects something is wrong with his hand, so he doesn't want Burke to operate on his father. Meredith acknowledged this in a monologue: We have to learn our lessons. As a surgeon, Meredith knows a lot about pain. 8 Addison Montgomery On Derek Shepherd. Photo Credit: Randy Holmes American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. 2x23 "Blues for Sister Someone" (OAD 4/20/06), 2x26 "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response" (OAD 5/15/06), 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 5: Overall Synopsis, 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 4 Synopsis of Main Themes, 20 Country Songs That Will Make You Feel the Blues. Derek asks if Meredith wants to know why he did it and she says no. Cristina gives in and talks to Burke. Is this the person you want to love? She has terminal cancer. She knows that death is hardest on the people who are left behind. Callie steps up and says they are hers. "But Im going to try because I believe we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart." You chose Addison. Kinder? When she can tell Molly's mother, Sue, that the baby is fine, Sue hugs Meredith. 4) How It All Began: It was obvious from the beginning a naked morning-after at Meredith's house where they awkwardly exchanged names that these two were really into each other. A barge hits a ferry boat, causing multiple injuries, and many of the doctors go to the scene. Then, Derek has the nerve to judge and degrade Meredith after she tried to move on from their relationship. Addison's introduction to Grey's Anatomy was nothing short of iconic in the episode "Who's Zoomin' Who?" It was Christmas in Seattle, which made Derek want to be with the people he loved. After the trip, Derek reintroduces himself to Meredith, asking that they start over. Okay. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site. A bit later, Ellis dies and Meredith sees her. At home, George opens it to find a check for $8.7 million. Derek and Meredith of 'Grey's Anatomy' moments During season 2, Derek chooses Addison over Meredith, which is frustrating for her. Let there be Mavericks, Bollywood magic, and a Cate Blanchett maestro on the loose. Over the last seventeen seasons, Meredith has provided fans with a lot of advice. Despite the fact that Addison had cheated on Derek, which caused to him leave New York, they were still husband and wife. Youve survived worse and you know well survive too." As the shows protagonist, shes involved in several of the shows main storylines. Every show needs a good what if? episode and Season 8 of Greys delivered a delightfully weird one. Picture the job you dreamed youd have. Derek says she's passive aggressive and she finally admits that he's right. He says OK and walks out. How did Derek propose? She's there to check up on him for their mother. "I'm not gonna get down on one knee, I'm not gonna ask a question. Bailey gets help to get Burke inside and they operate on him, but there are complications with his right hand. This time around, Dereks been happy, playful, and embracing his love of fishing once more. Alex hugs George, and Izziesees Alex differently. Some people feel discouraged in their careers and personal lives. Season 4, Episode 17 is the title of this episode. Meredith and Derek hooking up for the first time (Season 1, Episode 1), "It's not the chase" (Season 1, Episode 3), "I was drowning and you saved me"(Season 2, Episode 1; Season 11, Episode 20), Derek telling Addison the truth (Season 2, Episode 12), Heroic tendencies (Season 2, Episode 17; Season 6, Episode 23), Remembering his last kiss with Meredith (Season 2, Episode 17), Derek punching Mark (Season 2, Episode 18), The Great God of Neurosurgery (Season 2, Episode 26; Season 5, Episode 9; Season 5, Episode 15), The first "I love you" (Season 3, Episode 1), Derek telling Meredith to pick Finn (Season 3, Episode 4), "I'm always gonna show up"(Season 3, Episode 13), Derek saving Meredith from drowning (Season 3, Episode 16), Burke and Cristina's wedding (Season 3, Episode 25), The Post-it note wedding (Season 5, Episode 24), Derek shielding Amelia from pain (Season 7, Episode 3), Derek taking Cristina fishing (Season 7, Episode 10), Derek sitting with Mark (Season 9, Episode 1), Derek's return from D.C. (Season 11, Episode 17), Derek doesn't let people die (Season 11, Episode 21). So, when Mark was on his deathbed, Derek took his place next to his friend, and made sure that Mark died in the company of people who love him. After avoiding him for quite a bit, they finally started dating and eventually did the deed. Izzie is assigned to see a peer counselor. He asks her to marry him. Derek knew that he was quickly developing feelings for Meredith and that she was reciprocating those feelings, yet never told her about Addison, which would have definitely altered the trajectory of their relationship. Richard asks Addison to stay in Seattle and work at the hospital. He tells her that they'd already had this conversation 21 years ago. While Derek did forgive her eventually, he told her that he could not train her anymore, and finally, Meredith moved on to general surgery. That night, Cristina goes home and Burke is in the bedroom. There are far too many instances of Derek being unbelievably selfish to count and keep track of. She also says that she thinks George made a mistake marrying Callie but they're survivors and will get through it. Let's take a look back at our 5 Most Memorable Mer-Der Moments Ever. He asks Burke if it's possible to be in love with two women at the same time. Is Addison pregnant with Sam's baby? Meredith gets sick during rounds and everyone thinks she's pregnant. . Addison, Mark, Derek, and Burke vie for chief. S.H. Their marriage hit rock bottom, and Meredith realized that she could live without her husband. Meredith never really gets to know his family. Derek, Burke, George, and Bailey work on a man and a woman who have the same pole going through their middles. When Derek'swife Addison comes into the picture, Meredithgoes to the bar. Related:15 Reasons We're Glad Grey's Anatomy Is Ending. Next:Grey's Anatomy: 15 Confusing Things About Meredith and Cristina's Friendship. Instead of fleeing the hospital to avoid getting blown up by a bomb, Derek stayed to save Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) husband's life. Nevertheless, Meredith and Derek decided to get married and start their forever together. The fans would be able to deeply resonate with this as many are familiar with the fact that they can only comfort themselves with the memories or s for the rest of their lives. Izzie is lying in bed with Denny, who had died. They kiss until George pulls away. . Adele leaves Richard because he won't retire. That tension began to fester when Derek chose Meredith for the Katie Bryce surgery, which led to problems with Cristina. Answer: Calls him McDreamy again Soon after Meredith and Derek broke up she stopped calling him "McDreamy." However, as she began to realize she wasn't over him, she returned to calling him this mcnickname. George goes to the hospital and performs surgery with Derek. He wants them to decorate it. Izzie drills into a man's brain in the field and saves his life. Cristina tells Meredith that she put Meredith down as her emergency contact for her D&C because "You're my person. Meredith finds Derek in his trailer with a woman. Of course, back then, she was just a girl in a bar, and it wasnt until the next morning at Merediths house that they even exchanged names. They try to avoid each other at work. 'From a Whisper to a Scream,' aired 11/23/06, 'Don't Stand so Close to Me,' aired 11/30/06, 'The Other Side of This Life: Part 1,' aired 5/3/07, 'The Other Side of This Life: Part 2,' aired 5/3/07, 'Didn't We Almost Have It All?' Later Burke walks in, takes off his jacket, climbs into bed with her and holds her. Meredith says that she seems very nice, but she isn't Meredith's family. Meredith and Thatcher are both nervous, but Susan works to smooth things over. But sadly, Patrick Dempsey bid farewell to the show in season 11. George decides to transfer to Mercy West. George catches Cristina helping Alex and then Izzie catches George. He tells her that he will stop doing it from now on. A marriage that started with a one-night stand and was sealed via a Post-It note will never be forgotten. Meredith continues to struggle with her breakup from Derek.Friends of Derek and Addison come to the hospital from New York. Derek was married to Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) before their divorce in 2007. Of course not! Meredith Grey, M.D., F.A.C.S. She kisses him. Instead, it started playfully, and watching him flirt with Meredith after they realized they work at the same hospital is a necessary trip down memory lane. Doc has bone cancer and while they talk to the vet, Addison notices the tension between Derek and Meredith. "Derek, why can't I get anywhere?". Her relationship with Finn was one of Meredith's best romances on Grey's Anatomy, but that didn't mean that it wasn't an unfair thing for her to do, considering that Derek frequently had to see them together. Bailey is hurt that he would leave after they've put so much time into him. After their emotional reunion on the beach in Season 17, MerDer is on viewers minds more than ever. Low and behold, Derek seemed to do the same in DC with one of his research fellows, Renee, who instantly took a liking to Derek's charismatic ways. Although Meredith tells Cristina she's over Derek, Cristina can tell that she still loves him when she does what? S.H. It's your tiny, ineffectual fists and your hair." "You kissed me, soft. By season 5 of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith and Derek's relationship was finally on track as the two had worked through their problems and built up a strong trust in each other. In this same argument, she also expressed his affinity for making people like him, highlighting how he had charmed her when she was an intern, and he was her superior. She gets upset and leaves his trailer. After four patients die in the morning, people brace themselves for three more. 12. Meredith was notorious for shutting other people out when things got tough in her personal life, and this was no different when it came to Derek. Burke tasks George with getting the scrub cap. Copyright 2023 Meredith Corporation. Its tough to actually say goodbye. You dont get to call me a wh**e.. Some people found it endearing, while others saw right through the nonsense behavior and found it exceptionally weird and creepy. Its a minor issue in a much more serious episode but is an example of Meredith expressing her emotional needs (a big feat for her and anyone, really), and Derek acknowledging them. - See if you can answer this Grey's Anatomy trivia question! As ABC teases what her fate will be, here are the essential Meredith and Derek episodes to watch. Cristina sleeps with Burke. Izzie and Cristina take Meredith to the shower and clean her up. Then there is the kind of pain you cant ignore. Addison decides to move and Derek says he'll stop talking to Meredith.Against Cristina's wishes, Burke tells Webber about their relationship. But still over years, watching him evolve with Meredith was beautiful and magical. One whole season later, Meredith and Dereks tension boiled over in a fight after they both attended the hospital prom with different people. Meredith is trying to decide between Derek and Finn. He then told the group about his first kiss with Meredith. However, this episode also introduced fans and more importantly, Derek to Merediths first surgical eye. She tells him that she wasn't planning on having the baby. She stands out front for the whole day, until Alex takes her home. Any questions? The relationship between these two didnt even start off in a healthy way. George doesn't want Callie living with them and when they get into a fight over a patient, he tells her he doesn't want to live with her. It never really came back after this blindsiding, either, marking a turning point in their relationship. After all they went through, they were ultimately one of the best couples on the show, even after Derek's untimely death. I'd argue it's from the beginning. Cristina wasn't his person; she was Meredith's. Shes a Grey and can literally do anything she wants. After fighting with Cristina (Sandra Oh), Meredith missed a very important part of her life: dancing it out. And, instead of obeying the lockdown to avoid getting shot by a gunman, Derek wandered the hospital to make sure everyone else was okay. He asks Bailey where "he" is and Bailey says she'll keep a look out. She mentions sleeping with the vet, "but that won't work because I'm not Meredith Grey." Dr. Webber returns after being home for a week. clinical practice guidelines for geriatric anxiety disorders; pacific surfliner coach Meredith and Derek go through so many problems during their time together, and this is easily one of the weirder moments between the two. Are you living the life you envisioned for yourself? Unfortunately, she doesnt have much time to spend with Derek because he died a few episodes later. Love me.How could Derek say no to her after that speech? aired 5/17/07, Grey's Anatomy Season 2: Who, What and How, 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2 Summer Episodes Overview, 20 Country Songs That Will Make You Feel the Blues, 13 most heartbreaking "Grey's" episodes ever. It's not a game. Derek stopped by Meredith's house. Mark points out that when Derek caught him in bed with Addison, he turned and walked away, but when he was merely talking to Meredith, Derek punched him. Dr. Burke starts to come inbut stops when he sees everyone.Addison tries to charm Derek. Bailey wonders what is going on with Izzie and Denny, and Meredith warns Izzie, but Bailey sees her hugging Denny. She leavesand later finds out the woman is Derek's sister. Meredith tells her that she's going to be fine. George and Callie announce that they were married in Vegas. After one of the car accident victims told Derek that she was going to die, he responded in the most reassuring and badass way possible: "Stop saying that.
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